Andrea Paz Velez

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Vancouver, Canada. 2012

I am interested in the patterns of species distributions and the processes behind the generation and persistence of those patterns. I graduated with a BS in Biology from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia where I studied the phylogeography of the Red-eyed tree frog and how the environment may be influencing the phylogeographic patterns. During my Master´s at the same university I studied the environmental and ecological determinants of population genetic divergence in amphibians of Panama. I am now hoping to integrate phylogeography, species distribution models and physiological aspects of organisms to understand species range limits (using frogs as a model). For this I was awarded a Fulbright Colombia fellowship and I am currently a Biology PhD student in the Ecology Evolution and Behavior subprogram at CUNY. I joined the program and the Carnaval Lab in the Fall 2015.

Here is an interview for The Female Scientist with a little of my experience as a woman in STEM!